My baby is 7 years old! Where has the time gone?

I’m in the business of documenting families visual history.  Through family portraits, portraits of their children,  school portraits, etc.  Sometimes I get so busy with it all that I forget that my kiddos need formal portraits to document their visual history too.


I know many of you who know me or follow me on Facebook or Instagram see me posting imagery of my kids all the time and yes that is documenting them, but it’s not formal documentation that I do for so many everyday.

So a few weeks ago, the Sunday night before school started, I packed up my gear and had my wife and daughter pick out a “Pink” outfit to go with a field of wild flowers that I recently discovered and thought pink wardrobe would complement the flowers and greenery that surrounded them.  I also had a goal of trying to create a series of using only the light that mother nature provided.  See I love to light all my subjects to give them pop, but that requires hauling a long a lot of equipment.  Don’t get me wrong I hauled all that equipment just in case, but quickly decided I was going t shoot it as they say in natural available light.

It turned out to be a great decision on my part for a couple of reasons.  First, I worked a little bit quicker and for a hungry 7 year old little girl that was good thing.  Second, it also freed me to be more involved with her.  As much as I was working as a photographer I also had to enjoy the moment as her daddy, as she’s my baby and now she’s 7 years old!  I’ve got to slow down a bit an enjoy what’s in front of me with my two kiddos, because if the next 10 years go by as fast as the last 7 for my daughter and 10 for my son, I’m going to be scratching my head wondering what happened!

So with that we’ll be making formal portraits of them on their birthday’s so Molly and I have something to look back and and enjoy, giggle about, and wonder how could have it gone by so fast!


Other favorite frames from Maddie’s 7 year portrait session

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