Fall Family Portraits

Ah my favorite time of year is almost upon us.  I saw my first katydid leaf bug this afternoon and took a picture of it.  I showed the picture of it to a friend of ours who teaches High School Biology and she told me to mark it on the calendar as the sighting of a katydid means 30 days until our first frost.  That in turn reminded me that the busiest time of year for me is almost here:  Fall Family Portraits!


Fall is the perfect time of year to create an heirloom portrait of the family.  Nothing looks better as a focal point piece in your home than a portrait of your family in the fall.  The family portrait documents your family’s visual history and is something that every guest that visits your home will enjoy.  The portrait will also bring great joy to your family from seeing it every day of the year and for decades to come.


The warm colors of fall combined with the earth tones so prevalent around Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe come together in harmony to create stunning settings in which to showcase your family and preserve a moment to enjoy for a lifetime.


Something has to be on your walls in your home.  Doesn’t your family deserve to be on display rather than some random mass produced piece from a big box store or chain store?  A custom created wall portrait of your family is a perfect way to show the world the love you have for your family.


Contact me right away so we can set up your consultation, production, and proofing dates.  We can have something on your wall for all to enjoy by the time the holidays arrive, and we can put that portrait on a customized holiday card too.  September dates are filling fast and I only have a few week night appointments left in October as the weekends are all booked.


I would love to create a master crafted portrait of your family this fall.  Just think:  a master crafted portrait of your family on your wall will look so much better than a $200 CD of snapshots will look in your drawer!  Call today and schedule your session.






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