Studio portraits are not dead

I’m not sure when the studio portrait ran into having a bad rap, but I’m here to tell you they are alive and kicking with Pete Rezac Photography.  The temperature is always perfect, it never rains, the winds are calm unless we turn on a fan.  Essentially, environmentally speaking it’s the best possible  situation!



Studio portraits can be beautifully crafted with light and minimal props.  A studio portrait really placed emphasis on the subject(s) be it an individual portrait of a small child.



Or a larger group of subjects such as grandparents with their grandchildren or an extended family with all family members shown in the portrait.  There are lots of options on creating a portrait in the studio and believe it or not lots of these options have benefits that we simply can not do outside.



One of these options is the ability to photograph individual family members at different times sometimes there can be several months between family visits and not every one is available to be in the portrait at the same time.   We can build a composite family portrait in those situations.  The results are remarkable and the finished piece really makes a stately focal point in the home.  I did such a composite for my wife’s family a few years ago.


Even though my favorite medium for studio portraits is black and white we can do a nice color portrait too.



Contact me today to learn more about how we can create a studio portrait for you and not have to worry about the weather conditions that could put a damper on outdoor environmental portrait later this year due to rain or snow – which we so badly need here in the West!







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