Fine Art Portraiture on Film

It’s hard to believe that we’re almost a quarter of the way through 2017 and that I haven’t posted content in a very long time.  That all changes now as now I have many more items of interest to write about.

The start of 2017 marked a fundamental shift in the tools I use as a portrait photographer.  The primary shift is I’m now producing my work on film using large and medium format cameras.  Now the camera really has nothing to do with how a portrait is created, but rather with how it is recorded.  I’ve decided that my vision is better carried out and presented on large and medium format film.  There is a character to the image that seems to have been lost during the digital transition.

The richness of the tones and the fidelity of the printed image really make my heart sing and that’s the feeling I hope these pictures evoke in my clients when every they look at them.  I feel I’m much more engaged with my clients and that they are at more ease when working with the analog tools as well.  They seem to have  more interest in what I’m doing  and less concerned about sitting for a picture, and I’m more interested in learning about my subjects and their lives during sessions and less worried about what the immediate picture just looked like, essentially I’m engaged with them as human beings rather than an afterthought while looking at the back of the camera.

I can’t wait for more of my clients to have the experience of being photographed with the large format camera and what a truly unique experience it is compared to the common place of the 35mm digital sir camera.  It’s quality that not only can you see but also experience during the session, with a tangible object in the negative that I can feel and hold onto.  That provides a couple of ways to print from either digitally through scanning, or traditional through optical or contact printing in a wet darkroom.  Each exposure is a true one of a kind masterpiece and something I’ve spent all my free time on for the better part of the last 8 years defining, refining, and producing signature product of Fine Art Portrait Photography.

Contact me today to set up your Fine Art Portrait design appointment and let me provide you with the unique experience of being photographed with a large format camera and producing luxury photographic piece of artwork for your home or office.


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