What’s old is new again! Film a great portrait tool!

One of the great things about photography for me is the opportunity to share what I’ve learned through the hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of mistakes I’ve made along the way with other photographers.  The Professional Photographers of America has an educational  series called SuperOne Day that I’m super excited to be participating in again this spring with my friend and colleague Diane Costello.

I’ve been involved with teaching (maybe hosting is a better term) PPA Super Monday/One Day classes since 2011.  Initially I was very apprehensive about hosting them as I didn’t think that other photographers would be interested in the topics that I wanted to share my experience with.  However, that was proven to be wrong with at least one or two always signing up for classes and a couple of times having classes sell out.  I also came to the realization of how the experiences of one can help benefit the growth of another.

I did a little informal poll on social media last fall about the interest in a film based Super One day set of classes where we would start the first day with loading film into a camera, then light, pose, compose and expose portrait subjects. I had a overwhelming response about interest in this topic so this is how this class was born.

Basic portrait skills like lighting, posing, and composing work regardless of the capture medium be it digital or film, so we’ll be covering and teaching those skills as well.  What is a little different is setting the exposure and we’ll show just how to do that, along with having cameras to use!  Then on Day2 we’ll take the film we exposed on Day1 and show you how to process it, scan it, retouch it with digital tools, and finally produce a digital print.

I can’t wait to host these classes with my good friend Diane as she has an extensive background in silver based photography and reintroducing the wonderful qualities to portraits created on film to her clients.  She’s also finding out how rewarding working with film can be for the photographer as well.  There is something liberating about not constantly checking the back of a screen that gets you more engaged with clients and watching for the decisive moment rather than shooting until the moment happens.

Again I’m super excited to be hosting this class and can’t wait go through the process of creating portraits on film with fellow colleagues and hopefully meeting some new people and making some new friends.  You can register for our classes at this link  just look for the register now words and click on them!

We look forward to seeing you in May!


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