Giving Back through the Smile Business

We are just a few weeks away from our annual “Celebration of Smiles” event benefiting Operation Smile!  This is the 5th year that I’ve had the good fortune of partnering with the doctors and staff at Pitts Orthodontics as we photograph smiles to save smiles because we are both in the smile business!

Once again I’m teaming up with my partners, the doctors and staff, at Pitts Orthodontics here in Reno, NV to raise money to pay for facial deformity surgeries that the organization Operation Smile provides to those suffering in the third world.

Operation Smile is the largest volunteer medical organization in the world out providing the life changing surgeries every day of every week of the year.  They need resources to provide these surgeries, which equate to being $240 per surgery, which is remarkable!

How we can help Operation Smile make differences in those lives is by photographing your smiles to help save smiles.  Every 10 smiles we photograph, $24 per smile donation, saves a smile!  The black and white portraits in this post are examples of the portraits we did last year at our Celebration of Smiles Event in which we raised funds to pay for 18 surgeries!

Our goal for this year is to raise funds to pay for 20 surgeries or more!  We can do that with your help, and I promise I’ll try to make the best portrait you’ve ever had taken in the lobby of an Orthodontics Practice!  This year we are encouraging those that would like to showcase a passion of theirs, be it music, a hobby,  or something they are passionate about that they would like preserved in a portrait to bring that with them.   Maybe you are a Bee Keeper, that would be a great portrait in Bee Keeper garb.  Or perhaps you have a child that is in the school Orchestra, having a formal portrait of them and their violin would be treasured for years to come!

Maybe you have a group that you wants to save a smile with a single photograph.  This group has been coming the past few years and will be attending again this year with the goal of saving smiles!  I promise that this will be a quick, painless, and fun way to have your smile help save a smile.  I’ll also promise to use my skills as a Master Photographer to provide you a picture you’ll be proud to share and look back upon years from now and remember how you made a difference in someones life!

100% of the donations raised during our event will be donated to Operation Smile!  Your donation of $24 per smile photographed will get you a quick session with me, a Master Portrait Photographer, the ability to pick your image on the spot, a 5×7 gift sized portrait of each smile photographed, along with social media sized image to share on social media.  If you elect to fund a surgery for $240 I will provide you a 19″ signed portrait on the very best fiber based paper (a $960 value) but you have to show up on April 29th, 2017 to take advantage of this promotion.  Please contact Kim at Pitts Orthodontics – 775-825-3400 – to reserve your time slot!  We are going to have a great day and with your help we’ll make our goal of 20 surgeries or more!


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