High School Senior – Kevin

I had the privilege of creating this young man’s high school senior portraits last week.  He was another great subject to work with and just perfect to use the large format 4×5 film camera to expose a few sheets of film on him.

There are a lot of different trends in the world of high school senior portrait photography, many utilizing the cutting edge of technology on both cameras and lighting, others duplicating much of the great work being done in high fashion magazines, and still others making due with what can be found in and around various outdoor locations.  However, for me I wanted to do a series of pictures of Kevin that will be classic not only today, but hopefully 30 years from now, which is almost how long it’s been since I graduated from high school.

I wanted to show case one of his activities he enjoyed in high school, football, where he played the position of defensive end.  His letterman’s jacket proved to be a perfect dark tone for a black and white portrait of him holding a football.  He’s a tall guy at 6’2″ so seated portraits were almost a necessity, but also provided him a way to relax and give me a solid ball players expression.

However, I got him to flash his million dollar smile for an exposure too, and again a seated portrait was a necessity to keep him contained within the frame.  These are just 3 of the classic looks that I made of  Kevin that is my hope will stand the test of time and bring back great memories of his high school experience, and once again the tools of a large format camera and film proved to be the perfect combination to record this part of his visual history!


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