Stuff I Love


Kodak Portra 400 – warm tone locations – sunsets

Fuji 400H – cool tone locations – greens

Kodak Tri-X  – 120 and 4×5 Studio Portrait Work

Ilford HP5+ – 120 and 4×5 Location Work

AristaEDU a.k.a “Bohunk Film” – 4×5 Studio and Location Work


Sinar F2 – 300mm Fujinon W lens, 210mm Sironar N lens and 90mm Rodenstock lens- My large format portrait camera.  This camera brings me joy every time I use it and seeing the world on the 4×5 glass has left me wanting more and working towards an 8×10 field camera.

Hasselblad 500cm  with Carl Ziess Glass – 60mm and 150mm I love seeing the world through it’s square viewfinder

Yashica Mat 124 – 80mm lens – The same feeling of seeing the world through Square viewfinder – with out the “Clunk” at exposure. Light sturdy and fun camera to work with

Mamiya  RZ67 – 140mm lens – What can I say I love the big negatives from this beast and when square just won’t cut it then this guy steps up to the plate.  The rotating back is a great innovation and it’s fun to use

Nikon D3s – 85mm and 70-200mm  lenses of choice.  It’s a dinosaur in terms of digital, but IMO Nikon peaked with this one as it gives me everything I need with out all the stuff I don’t.

Essential Equipment

Sekonic L358 and 758DR Light meters – As the saying goes would hire a carpenter to build your home that didn’t use a tape measure?  The light meter is a photographers tape measure – I use one religiously  and IT IS by far the most important piece of gear in my bag.

Studio Titan Camera Stand – Having a stable supported camera not only allows me to pose my subjects but to work more efficiently and my images are sharp due to no camera movement.

Enduro Tripod – same reason as the camera stand except for use in the field rather than studio

Manfrotto Heads for Studio Titan and Enduro Tripods


Paul C Buff products for studio lighting.

Einstein light for main light due to its recycle time, and consistent flash output.

Alien Bee 800’s for background and accent lights

Alien Bee 400 for  hair light

Grids, Strip Boxes, Softboxes are all Paul C Buff

Cheetah Light 360 for location lighting

Bowens Bracket is mounted to head making wide range of modifiers available for this versatile lightweight light.  It sits atop a home made light cart that I affectionately call “Lola”



Denny MFG White and Gray Vinyl


Matthews C-Stands

Photographic Printing Lab

Bay Photo Lab

Fine Art Large Format Film Portraitist

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